The Advanced Livestock Movement Management Course shows and teaches an extremely practical and successful way of handling livestock and how to start and incorporate the use of working dogs to develop an understandable system for livestock movement.


The Advanced Livestock Movement Management Course is a combination of learning the skills of how to work livestock with or without working dogs. This course is both beneficial for the people who don't use working dogs as well as those that do.
The sections of the course involving the use of working dogs still carry a high content of information for participants to learn better stock handling moves, even for those who don't currently or never intend to use working dogs.

This concept is achievable for anyone, these methods have been learned through Neil's and others experiences.

The importance of being able to challenge our own beliefs and embracing new ideas.

A greater understanding of dogs and livestock can greatly minimise the risk of high blood pressure, bankruptcy and divorce.

A way to create more efficiency is to have co-operative livestock. The best way to have co-operative livestock is to have good dogs but its very hard to have good dogs if you have not got co-operative livestock!