Industry Benefits

The Advanced Livestock Movement Management Course teaches participants to obtain a higher level of profitability, sustainable management and allows business development to occur.
Participants become more equip to make management decisions to create better market options.
This course ensures that production management is more successful with reduced costs, better OH+S management and higher gross margins.
The course aims to give participants the necessary knowledge to become more proactive regarding soil and pasture management. It creates its own employment contacts with like minded people. Staff shortages and loss of experience makes the ability to correctly read and train livestock and teach this ability to others critical.

The Advanced Livestock Movement Management Course assist participants to recognize and understand the importance of livestock handling and its flow-on effects. As there becomes more realization and acceptance of the importance of rotational and cell grazing, also there is the awareness it will never reach its full potential or fail without changes in livestock handling being understood and implemented. To control rest periods for the benefit of both soil and plant species, livestock have to be managed in larger mobs, grazing in smaller areas and shifted more frequently.
If staff lack knowledge and the required techniques are not correct, the livestock can become like a spoilt child, lacking manners. With greater awareness and attention to detail coupled with the use of controlled working dogs, staff can create livestock behavioural changes so that livestock get on with the program.
With what is taught during the course creates livestock to respect infrastructure.

    Benefits achieved

  • Less feed flattened
  • Total feed utilization
  • Higher weight gains
  • Greater lambing percentages
  • Better meat quality
  • Higher MSA grading results
  • Less bulls required
  • OH&S
  • Less diesel and chopper hours
  • Staff can be deployed elsewhere
  • Co-operative livestock reduce need for elaborate yard design, creating less repairs and maintenance. In regards to risk management and property management correctly educated livestock return you more.
  • Lease, agistment options, higher percentage of returned livestock
  • Market premiums
  • Repeat livestock buyers (feedlots)
  • Extra profits increased employment staff retention
  • Farm buildup
  • Opportunity to buy cheaper and harder to muster country
  • Cost savings of hay at weaning time
  • Staff moral
  • Employment network
  • Dogs don't use diesel